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This Month's Meeting

Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 at 7 PM
Presentation room at Four Athens

Introductory topic:

Introducing Pattern Matching and Regular Expresions
James Gibson

This will be an introduction to pattern matching, focusing on Regular Expressions. I'll cover why, and where, you might need to match patterns; briefly introduce wildcard matching; and then introduce regular expressions, illustrating ways that they can be more useful than a straight wildcard match. Tools will likely be limited to grep, find, and will introduce sed.

Advanced topic:

Advanced Regex Patterns and Data Transformation
James Gibson

This will cover more esoteric regular expression syntax including grouping, look ahead/behind, word boundaries and backreferences. I will start off using grep and sed to illustrate, and will transition to using awk and perl one liners (my intention is to have the same examples in both languages).