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Home Automation

Date: Sep. 15, 2011

Brian Whigham gave a great presentation on home automation.

Among other things, he discussed X10 (the industry standard), X10 (the online store), and other stores like SmartHome.

Here's how he described the talk:

Meet George Jetson: Home Automation

With some imagination, you can play George in your own home. Using linux software such as heyu and protocols like X10, you can automate your house. We'll mention a few protocols and software packages. But, we'll focus on actually doing things with heyu and some X10 hardware, like the CM11A. We'll take a look at a variety of x10 modules. If it's electric, you can probably control it. Combine it with other software such as zoneminder, mail and asterisk to really make it shine. It might be better than having your own Rosie robot.