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Date: Oct. 18, 2012

Jackson Argo gave a great talk about Arch Linux.

Take back control with Arch Linux
Arch Linux is an up and coming distro aimed at mid-experienced Linux users that provides a highly customizable and minimalist "unix-like" OS. In this talk, we'll compare Arch Linux package management, init, what you start with, etc, to other distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Slackware, show an example of an Arch Linux desktop setup (using Gnome3), and finish with where to go for support (Arch Wiki, arch forums, etc).

"Arch Linux defines simplicity as without unnecessary additions, modifications, or complications, and provides a lightweight UNIX-like base structure that allows an individual user to shape the system according to their own needs. In short: an elegant, minimalist approach."
-- From Arch Linux website