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What is GIS? & Introduction to OpenStreetMap

Date: Jan. 27, 2015

Meeting Flyer

Introductory topic:

What is GIS?
Randal Hale

Geographic Information Systems is the combination of data, software, and an operator to provide a look at that data geographically. Data is usually put into layers and compared to other data. To quote Waldo Tobler: "Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things." In this first talk we will go over the science of GIS and how it has it's roots in Open Source.

Advanced topic:

Introduction to OpenStreetMap
Randal Hale

It's often been called the wikipedia of maps. OSM (OpenStreetMap) allows anyone to make edits to a worldwide map. You are also free to use that data to make your own map. Technically - it's not even a map - it's a giant database that is freely accessible. We will cover the origins of OSM, How to contribute, and how to download the data. It runs on any platform (Linux is the backbone). It is quite fun and addicting once you get started.

About the author

Randal Hale is the owner of North River Geographic Systems, Inc. He places data on a map to provide clients with answers about how their data looks geographically. He uses a wide range of software (open source and commercial) and operating systems (current xubuntu, windows 7, debian, etc).